Biomats Reviewed

Technology and Pain Relief

riss-kaliningrad Pain Relief

Although people will often expect that any breakthroughs in pain relief will come from the pharmaceutical companies, one of the more recent ones was though, a breakthrough of a more technical nature.

A welcome relief for pain sufferers is the recently introduced biomat. This is a mat that has 17 layers, each layer with its own specific use and therefore made from different materials but when combined and combined in the correct order they produce a mat that can assist in giving relief to back pains, muscle pains, joint pains and numerous other ailments and as well as providing that relief can also, offer better sleep, increased blood flow, decreases in inflammation and a reduction in stress. Although already being able to assist in all of these things, the biomats are still being researched to see if they may offer still benefits to health or general well-being.

Why these mats are so effective is because they merely provide the body with a way to apply its own natural healing properties and as well as providing a conduit for these healing qualities, the mat also ensures that a minimal amount of that energy is lost. This means that the unique layering of the different layers has to capture that energy, in some instances being infrared and also preserve the energy and so some layers capture whilst others preserve and others, like the surface layer provide comfort. Some of the materials used in the layers are well-known whilst others are unique especially designed for use in the mats.

The mats are available in a variety of sizes starting with smallest these sizes are: Mini followed by single and professional and then comes queen followed by king.

The mini is as its name suggests a mini version of the others but this smaller size is ideal for those people that may want to use it in a variety of places and so is only restricted as to where it can be used, by the presence of a power outlet. The professional is a mat designed for single person use and so is similar in size to the single but has features which make it ideal for use in clinics and other medical facilities. The single is obviously designed for use by one person at a time and is perhaps the ideal mat for the home. The queen, like the single is ideal for home use but the difference being it has been designed for two people to use it at the same time. The king is similar to the queen in almost every way except it has been designed to snuggly fit on a king size bed.

With these varieties in sizes it means that anyone that wants relief from aches and pains, can find a size that will suit them or perhaps even suit their life style where they may need to use one in more than one location.

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